Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Coffee after a good long hard day. A long long red coat. Lights in the windows of my small town. Fun gloves from target that don't match with anything but make me smile everytime i wear them. Fuzzy footies. Hot chocolate with Jen at Morton Street. Scarves. Someones kind smile. A compliment from a stranger. Christmas cards in the mail, and so so much more. So today i am thankful for all the wonderful things God gave me to use while I live in this freezing cold north. And I must admit. Middlebury is very sweet in the winter decked out in all its christmas finery.

Fuzzy slippers. What more do I need to say? : )


  1. great pictures both! :) Jen

  2. The first photo looks very inviting and almost intriguing. The second speaks of warm comfy days at home.