Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I love music. Classical. Southern Gospel. Pop. A little bit of everything. Christmas music fits right in there with my mix. ;) So when I saw these carolers on the gingerbread house I couldn't resist taking a picture of  what is one of my favorite things to do in the winter. Hard tack anyone. :)
P.S. I heard my favorite christmas song this morning. Pat a Pan. love. :)

When Carm said she wanted this week's theme to be music, I thought "oh shoot! What am I going to take a picture of!?" Besides listening to the radio and Pandora, we aren't a very musical household (unless barking and whimpering counts as music :p). As I was contemplating what to capture, I happened to think of this music box...one of the many things sitting in my "favorite things cabinet." This dear music box is in sad shape. It is chipped and broken and scratched can barely play anymore, but I love the history behind it. Grandma Miller gave it to me at some point after I graduated and told me that it was the last gift her sister Leora gave her before Leora passed away. So, even though this music box isn't very musical anymore, I still love it! 

and then, she {snapped}

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


                                                              Life's a hobby!! Joshua Lederberg

I do believe I have inherited my mother's craftiness. I have about a million hobbies, from photography and scrapbooking to the newly discovered "paper cutting"...not to mention my new love of mod podge! If you can cut it, glue it, paint it or add ribbon to it; chances are, I'm going to try it if I haven't already... I love my hobbies and I am very thankful my husband gets it and appreciates the many things I come up with.

and then, she {snapped}

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


so i know the thing for this week isn't very inspirational but it makes me happy. mainly because we sell the coolest ever hand carved bowls. the lady is from Appalachia Tennessee and just drops in whenever she's passing through. so we got a huge order of them the other day and i got to check it in and it made me happy. i hope y'all have a wonderful day and keep your eyes open for all the little things that make you happy. even if it is a weeny tiny bowl. and if you are feeling so inspired just tag a little comment about that little thing at the bottom of our page, and share your happiness. :)

I have this odd love for milk glass. I've started picking up pieces in thrift stores and garage sales. I just think the pure, white glass is so beautiful; and when I find a piece for two dollars, I can't let it go! This piece; however, is even more special because it came from Dennis's Grandma. How much more valuable is something you love when it is given to you by someone you love! 

and then, she {snapped}

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I've always thought old things had a sort of magic about them. they always made me wonder what they looked like when they were new, and what kind of journey they had on the way to now. i guess that's why i love the story of the velveteen rabbit so much and the famous skin horse quote. and why i love old books. and old houses with old chest full of old letters and pictures. the shadows and stories and history behind it all. and i think actually that when someone or something ages gracefully right along with life they are more beautiful at the end than they were at the beginning. that's why i love old things

One of my favorite memories from growing up is exploring the old house that was way back in the woods behind our house. We found letters, old school papers, glass coke bottles, old washing machines...We would make up stories about who the people were and why they left all their things behind. Old houses still fascinate me and that is one reason why I love the South. There are old, broken down houses around every corner. Just imagine the stories this little shack could tell!

and then, she {snapped}

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


"Somewhere over the rainbow!!" That song sung at the top of your lungs and choreographed by my beloved sister Carrie can only make you laugh!! love you Pippie Lou!

When Carmen said she wanted this week's theme to be laughter, my first thought was "oh boy, how am I supposed to get a picture of that!?" My second thought was of this picture. It's not from this week, but it is one of my favorite pictures. Not only does it show the loveliness of an amazing lady; it also brings back memories of the few weeks before the family moved to IN....weeks where we spent every possible moment soaking in each other's presence....day's focusing on each good moment and not on how badly we would miss one another. So, while I did not mean for this to get all kinds of sappy, here's me saying "I miss you...and can't wait until the next time we can laugh together!"

and then, she {snapped}