Friday, June 24, 2011

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ah yes! camping! so we're staying at the campground for six weeks till we can get into our house. so far so good. this week there were about five different rv clubs. this one was the most eccentric club. they all looked like they were parents in the seventies and never quite left the seventies behind. :) Indiana is treating us good so far. There are alot of adjustments like the amish community, the fast pace of life, having family around 24/7, and none of those clear south carolina blue sky days and whispering pines. But above all of the things i miss i know this is where we're supposed to be and that is what gives me comfort at the end of the day.

I had a hard time choosing a photo this week. As far as picking the best picture, this is not it. I took one of a spider that was really cool and I got a sunset that was amazing. But this picture brought back such good memories. My dad bought us girls a little 80 suzuki fourwheeler when I was 7. I lived on that thing. I remember Monica and I building a "house" in the pinetree row and one tree over was our "garage" where we parked the fourwheeler. And it was perfect because the branches fell down around it so good that no one could see it. I remember "jumping" the hill in our yard, riding through the trails dad made for us in the "woods" (which was really just a patch of tiny trees) and I remember a few unfortunate wrecks. That little fourwheeler started a love of the wind in my hair, the feel of freedom as I flew down the road and the appriciation for the forest. I haven't been on a fourwheeler for a couple years now, but I can still hear it calling my name. :)

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