Monday, September 27, 2010

week #8

Wilderness Wheels
cycling to give youth a new outlook on life
This past weekend, Carmen and I had the privilege to photograph a bike ride. The ride was to raise money for Fairplay Boys Camp and Fairplay Girls Camp in Fairplay, SC. The bikers managed to raise $9000 while riding about 200 miles! They did wonderful and we had a blast, so we thought we would share with you our favorite shots from the weekend. Sorry we didn't get this done on Monday, but we had A LOT of photos to go through. Carmen's are first...Enjoy!

the camera crew! we had a blast! the top to are carrie and shelle and on the bottom is tish graber and me. :)

the valiant bikers themselves!!

my favorite creative shot! :)

to say the least we had a wonderful weekend and i'd do it all again in a heartbeat. :)


My hubby said that this was his favorite picture because it showed the bikers the best, so that's why I put it on here. But I have to say, I'm kinda proud of how I edited it. :)

This picture shows how the bikers felt after the end of the first day. It was hard! And by the end of the second day, they felt even worse. But they say it was totally worth it!

One local church had us all over for supper Friday night and the girls camp was there as well to show their appreciation to the bikers. They sang some songs for us and then Nate, the in charge guy, passed out the prizes to the bikers. He asked this little girl to help for the last one. Chuck (the biker) was in love with her and said later that he wanted to take her home with him. I was thrilled to have gotten this shot!

The bikers gave us a hard time many time for the odd places they would find us. "What are you doing in a grave yard!?" :) My reply was always, "There are only so many shots you can get of bikers before you have to get really creative." This was one of my "creative" shots.


  1. Stopping by thank you for visiting Happy Snappy. We hope that this blog of yours can keep you in each others lives even if you are physically elsewhere. :) Autumn greetings from Finland and Scotland!

  2. Thank you for stopping by and for the comment! It made both Carm and I smile! :)