Monday, September 13, 2010

week #6

sad? kinda. happy? kinda. it's all so bittersweet. bitter because we are leaving everything we know and stepping into the unknown with God. sweet because it is with God that we are doing this and because He is leading us so directly.

there are a lot of other things to be happy about moving too like it being a great adventure to try new things. i get a new job other than cleaning which i've been doing for the past 3 1/2 years. new friends and church add to the excitement too since i do love meeting new people.

but sometimes a small feeling of sadness comes over me and i cry just a wee.

Daisies are such happy flowers...Meg Ryan said that on You've Got Mail. And, of course anything Meg Ryan says is true! :) But daisies are very happy flowers and right now, I have this thing with surrounding myself with things that make me happy. Bright colors... books... flowers... turtles from my childhood collection... my kitty ...absolutely anything as long as it makes me happy. Life seems...uncontrollable right now and every now and then, I need to see something to remind myself that life is still good. No matter how I may feel, God is good and He only wants what's best for me. That makes me really happy! :)

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  1. hey shell, love your post. your the best. carmie