Friday, August 17, 2012


Strawberry cake pops!! In a word . . . . Fenomenal!! That's the biggest word I could think of in two seconds, but seriously they're heaven!
The recipe is one box cake, mixed, baked, and cooled.
One jar of premade frosting.
Crumble the cooled cake and mix with jar of frosting.
Put in freezer for two hours at least or overnight.
I did overnight and they were still not frozen.  Then you roll into round balls of sweetness, dip in chocolate or yogurt stick a popsicle stick (you can find them in the craft aisle in walmart) and voila! you have the worlds yummiest cake!
AND if your a really cool mom you can even decorate them like your kids' favorite characters like elmo, or captain america, or dora, or spongebob. They are like the new cupcake. ;)
Y'all have fun. :)        CM


After living in South Carolina for five years and then having such a dry summer here in Indiana, it is amazing to me that I have flowers popping up that I didn't put any effort into. Flowers make me happy, and the less effort I have to put into them, the happier I am! So, I'm pretty happy right now! :) -RM

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