Saturday, August 11, 2012


AND...we're back!! The moving process seems to finally be done! From the packing to the loading to the driving to the living in a camper to the moving into our house...we're finally settled! Now...on to picture taking!

I have this set of little, tiny cobalt blue vases that my Grandma Miller gave me. They are one of my favorite things because her grandma gave them to her when she was a little girl! Hand-me-down things like this are the best! :)
Baseball. Summer. Two things that go hand in hand. Even though I didn't get to go to all of the games, it was fun when I could get there. And our guys did really good this year. Go Pleasant Grove!!


  1. That vase is beautiful. I love family heirlooms like that. Pleasant Grove, UT? I didn't realize you were from Utah as well. That's cool. :)

  2. @BabySister: Actually, we're both in Indiana now and Pleasant Grove is the name of the church we attend. They have a guys softball team that plays every Monday. :)

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