Tuesday, July 12, 2011


so when shelle said that our theme this week is summer i got so excited! fireflies are my absolute favorite things about summer evenings. i tried to capture them one evening. :) they make me smile and i'm so glad that there are so many of them here. :) here's to summer evenings and fireflies!!! love, carm

I actually had a bit of a hard time with this theme at first. And then I sort of stumbled upon this picture and what better way (other then fireflies :)) to portray summer then dandelions!? Somehow, I can't seem to see dandelions as weeds. I can only think of the fun children had blowing the seeds and watching them float away. What a magical little weed! :)


  1. Both pictures are fabulous. A couple of weeks ago I noticed fireflies (and dandelions) in our yard. I caught one to bring in and show the boys -- in fact, I woke them up so they could see it. I was amazed at how a creature so small could produce such a light.

    and thanks for your sweet comment -- my oldest daughter takes many of my pictures -- she loves photography and photo journalism. It's a huge blessing.

  2. Thanks for fixing this so I can comment too! I like them both. the fireflies thing is really cool all the lights zooming around and the dandilion is neat too cause I love to blow away the little seeds. Jen