Monday, March 28, 2011

post # 26

every day i go to work and see all of our dreams coming true with moving and everything and i wonder if i soaked it up. if i took every moment for what it was. if i appreciated my clients for who they were. and i breathe in and smile and know without a shadow of a doubt, i did. :)
your gonna miss this.

your gonna want this back.

your gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast.

these are some good times.

so take a good look around.

you may not know it now but

your gonna miss this!!

So, my husband got me this <------- I've always wanted a cocker spaniel and it just so happens that he is doing work for a lady who breeds and shows them...and when she found out how much I love them, she offered to trade a dog for work (plus she majorly discounted the dog). I just went and got Demi yesterday and I've fallen in love with her. Now if we could just get this whole house training thing figured out!

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