Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I couldn't resist putting this picture on the the kit cat clocks we have at work. ;) they are so freaky! both there tails and eyes move at the same time. thankfully they don't meow at the top of the hour. even so i think i'll stick with the original coo-coo clock. :)

Nilah. The most beautiful, most crazy cat there ever was. She likes to sit up there, looking in the window, tormenting the dog. She's got this thing with food that makes her go crazy. She's been known to crawl up my husbands pant leg trying to get to his sandwich. And last week, while carrying in the groceries, Nilah jumped up on the loaf of bread swinging from my hand, grabbed on with all four paws, and before I could figure out what to do, she had it ripped open and bread strewn everywhere. Crazy, crazy cat!

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