Wednesday, November 10, 2010

week #14

sometimes right now the fog is to thick to see through. sometimes hope seems like a pretty thin line to hang onto. but i keep praying. i keep listening. and through the fog i can hear Him calling me to Him and telling me that no matter how thick it gets in the future He'll be right there holding my hand, guiding me. this much i know is true.

After reading what Carmen wrote (and totally relating), I thought of a completely opposite picture (one that was not taken this week, sorry! :)). Pure joy. Because...even in the midst of unbearable fog, God brings joy. There IS good in every situation, we just can't always see it right away. But if we keep reaching out to God, He will bring the laughter again. So, here's to joy!


  1. hey shelle,
    just read your post from last week. you made me smile. here's to joy!! love ya

  2. ps. um i forgot to write my name but it was me not you that just posted a comment. i promise your not going phsycho. :)