Monday, August 23, 2010

week #3

o the loveliness of a summer evening. the moon was perfect this particular evening. the song really is true when it says that your gonna miss what you have right now. i never thought we'd move. never thought we'd ever have to leave my beautiful south. so i thank God for every day i get to spend here and cherish every moment spent in the warm summer evening air.

My grandmother had a thing for antique china. She passed on most of her collection to my sister and I. This teacup is one of my favorite pieces from her. Very cheerful and delicate and I think of her every time I see it. I love things like that that bring back good memories. Those are the things worth collecting.

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  1. Hi Rachelle,

    first I want to say thank you very much for your kind comment on my blog. It's so nice to see new faces visiting :)

    Your blog is beautiful, your writing is coming deep from the heart. Your reader - me - can feel that very well. And your photography is excellent! I love every single one, but this one above is fabulous!

    Keep your pictures coming. Your blog is pretty new, right? My blog has in 3 days his 4th anniversary. In the begin I've never thought I will be blogging that long at all - but I love it and made many wonderful friends over all the years. And now I have a one more...*smile*...

    Thank you for visiting :)